Sometimes she is in a rush. At other times she is calm, cool and collected.

I love it when she wears her green outfit, a flower here or there.

Chateaugay River at Brayton Hollow Bridge July 1st 2017

She can be as warm as summer. At other times as cool as spring. I have never been with her when she is as cold as ice.

Thanks be to God.

Chateaugay in Ice

At times she shares her bounty. At other times she appears to have no assets.

However she always has a calming effect.

I am wont to count the times that a busy life has rendered me as wasted.

And I look forward to leaving my present life behind and meeting her somewhere in the forest.

She never disappoints me. I am beginning to think that she wants to see me as much as I want to see her.

Goldsmith 2

And so we form a tryst. A dark forest, a calm day, a secret place.

And to my surprise, she is calm and inviting. And I succumb to her wiles.

Tahawas and Tomosky c