This series of posts is a re-do of a series originally posted over five years ago. I hope you enjoy the series as much as I had in putting it together.


This new series of posts had good intentions.

It was supposed to be solely about John Augustus Hows.

However, as I moved along on the work I realized that is was not about one man; it was about four artists who put together a book of sketches and poetry all surrounded by exceptional wood engravings.

So that is the reason this series is named “Hows & Friends”

Alfred Billings Street added the words that matched Hows’ illustrations.

Bobbett & Hooper engraved Hows’ illustrations into wood for printing purposes.

The “Bobbett & Hooper” is not a shortcut for Bobbett and Hooper. That appears to be where history left them; as the team of “Bobbett & Hooper.” All mention of them ties them together that way.

Now that the introductions are out of the way – – – let us look at the men.

John Augustus Hows was the son of a…

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