The Sin of Wrath by Dutch master Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Life can be true – yet murky,

You should listen closely,

You have to interpret,

We discuss societies,

Some quite secret,

And others not so,

And education,

Plus nepotism,

& Arrogance,

& Phenomena,

In mankind.


Creativity requires much risk,

A concept immeasurable,

As of yet – – – anyway,

Sanctioning failure,

So Idiosyncratic,

All occurring,

From 1957,



My phractured phantasies,

Occur in microcomputers,

Or in mortared walls,

Which hold them,

The industry,

You know.


I would apologize quite deeply,

To Friedrich Nietzsche,

He accepts none,

Therefore I,

Offer none.


Thank you for listening,


 Tomorrow: “The Interview”