Karl Marx Profile

Herr Marx told me, before he died,

That he saw capitalism with an appetite so wide,

That it could never be satisfied.


So he built a philosophy, a social theory,

That was so altruistic; it made my eyes teary,

But woe and alas, the Academy remained leery.


Well, round and round went the interpretations,

Creating worldwide chaos, and revolutionary vibrations,

Shaking both monarchies and industrial nations.


But capitalism remains rampant, to this day,

And 99% of us work for hourly pay,

Are panopticism and surveillance here to stay?


Inner conflicts and strife are a proposed solution,

Tried and true methods, of every revolution,

Experimentation continues in each Academic institution.


So do not engage Capitalistic destruction,

Own a machine, or engage in profitable production,

And tune in to Rush Limbaugh, for daily instruction.

Rush Limbaugh Teaching