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The geology of The First Earth comprised two somewhat different disciplines; the visual and the mechanical. The latter corresponds to our own geology which is subordinated to the First Earth’s. The basis of visual geology was the surface, not the depth. This geology disregarded fractured earth and declares that man in his movement modifies that which surrounds him.

The basis of its science was the notion of indefiniteness. The First Earthers emphasized the importance of the concepts of greater and lesser, which our mathematicians symbolize as time and space.

 They maintained that their human agency modified the Earth and converted them from believers into nihilists. The fact that several individuals who counted the same quantity of items would obtain the same result is, for the psychologists, an example of association of ideas or of a good exercise of memory.

We already know that in The First Earth the subject of knowledge is one and eternal. In literary practices the idea of a single subject is also all-powerful. It is uncommon for books to be signed. The concept of plagiarism does not exist: it has been established that all works are the creation of one author, who is atemporal and anonymous. The book critics often invent authors: they select two dissimilar works – a fundamental text which is both philosophical and religious — for example — the work of the Grimm brothers – and then select a second book – for example – Hobbes’ Leviathan, and then attribute both to the same writer. They determine, most scrupulously, the psychology of this interesting person. 


The First Earther’s books are also different. Fictional books contain a single plot with several sub-plots wound throughout. The works of a philosophical nature invariably include both the thesis and the antithesis; the simultaneous support for and against a doctrine. A philosophical book which does not contain its own counter-book leaves the author no exit. The counter-book allows the author the ability to escape criticism. However, an entire industry of ink-mongers was created due to the myriad of philosophical critiquing that occurred.