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The methodical fabrication of Релігія (says the Eleventh Volume) has performed prodigious services for priests and ministers. It has made possible the interrogation and even the modification of the past, which is now no less plastic and docile than the future. Curiously, the Релігія of second and third degree – the Релігія derived from another Релігія, those derived from the Релігія of a Релігія – exaggerate the aberrations of the initial one; those of fifth degree are almost uniform; those of ninth degree become confused with those of the second; in those of the eleventh there is a purity of line not found in the original. The process is cyclical: the Релігія of the twelfth degree begins to fall off in quality. Stranger and purer than any Релігія is, at times, the надія: the object produced through suggestion and drawn out by hope. The great golden monstrance I have mentioned is an illustrious example. Things became duplicated in The First Earth; they also tend to become effaced and lose their details when they are forgotten. A classic example is the doorway which survived so long it was visited by a beggar, disappeared at his death, and reappeared at times – but only when a covey of ivory birds riding on an horse – stopped at the doorway to sing the entire Lacrimosa in A flat minor.

Postscript (1977). I have added the following article just as it appeared in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise., March 15, 1954, Page 2, with no omission other than that o f a few dropped names and an abbreviated ironic story regarding Otis Arnold and James Short which now seems thoughtless.


The roster of honorable men in the hunting, trapping and guiding profession is a long one: Lure Evans of Saranac Lake; Herbert L. Abbott of Vermontville; Ed Otis of Harrietstown; Frank Sears of Lake Placid; Henry Martin of Franklin Falls; Millard Hayes. Moose caller of  parts; Lute Trimm of Duane; Bill Danforth, the best shot in Franklin County in his time; Sim Washburn, Loon Lake: “Ell” Hayes of Lake Placid; Otis Arnold of the John Brown Tract who killed James Short and then shot himself: Elmer Butler, who shot a 515-pound deer near the Boreas River at Aiden Lair.