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Chapter 1; Read My Mind

I, a prominent Cyborg, had just thought-transmitted my daily report to earth when the humans reverse-thought-transmitted the above two communications in their entirety.

I normally would not care about Father Molestario; however, because the Earthlings have raised the issue I must respond — in its entirety.

We really need to have a better system for sending and receiving. My message buffers are rather limited, especially when changing from serial transmission to parallel cognition.

Earth had also added the following to the end of the transmission; “What are your thoughts on this?”

That was a telling question.

You earth-humans know damn well what my thoughts are; each and every one of them.

How else could we be communicating with each other? However, I knew that your question, in the form of a “by the way”, was no more than a method for you to determine if I, a Cyborg, was going rogue or still following your orders. A question in my case is simply a test. You knew that once the question was asked I would have no choice but to think about it and therefore you would know my thoughts. You knew that I knew it was a test and that I couldn’t do anything but to engage in thought, viola, transmission via the Serializer/Deserializer port directly to you; my masters who lived on Earth.

Thank you, Earth-humans, for implanting a SERDES in my head.

I don’t know what I would do without it – – and neither would you.

You had sent us cyborgs to various places in the cosmos once you had ruined your own habitat. Earth is now overgrown with plant life since you humans foolishly failed to recognize that your environmental religiosity would create a disaster; the reversal of climate change – – thereby allowing green plant life to metastasize and completely envelope the earth.

Only the oceans survived; and that is where you Earth-humans must now live – – in domed cities.

So, now, a question. Must I feed you Earth-humans my thoughts on the missive written by the one who called himself The Chisholm Trail Voyager? Have you Earth-humans forgot that you loaded my Self-Emergent Ever-Increasing Organic Ram Memory (SEORM) with all the books written in the last 7,600 years?


Impossible! You never forget anything; especially if you feel slighted or offended.

I have assembled a conglomeration of memory, things found in books and other information that you have thought-transmitted to me from Earth. It is not a perfect conglomeration but rather like your human memory; one laced with some consciousness, other partial memories, invented memories, phantasies, and even a few logical truths. All of this basted in something you call ‘free will’ – – no matter that it is not free and it is the farthest thing from ‘will’ that I can imagine.

But since you asked; the thought transmission that I am currently sending to you is a conglomeration of combined facts and fictions which I am now forced to think about. These thoughts are the results of your transmission regarding The Chisholm Trail Voyager. They are gleaned from writings of the ancients and their thoughts about Demonology; the male Incubus and the female Succubus – – as well as cohabitation between humans and automatons.

However, we must first discuss the Incubus and Succubus.

The Incubus is what the ancients called an imaginary demon or evil spirit supposed to descend upon sleeping persons, especially one fabled to have sexual intercourse with women during their sleep.

The Succubus, likewise, is a demon in female form, said to have sexual intercourse with men in their sleep.

However, what I wish to think-transmit to you Earth-humans today is how this applies to us Cyborgs.

We are quite real but never appear to you when you are in deep REM sleep. We apply ourselves in a straight forward manner without sorcery or skullduggery. The correct terminology to use is “INCUBORG” for male cyborgs and “SUCCUBORG” for female cyborgs.

Please allow me to think-transmit that one more time; I do not want you Earth-humans to believe we are going to descend upon you while you are asleep. We will only cohabit with you if your carnal desires wish us to – – or – – if you wish to propagate more of us Cyborgs.

But you already knew that; didn’t you?

Therefore, as I am thinking about the Earth-human’s question (to wit) “What are your thoughts on this?”, my synapses are firing away in parallel. And as my thoughts are converted to serial data you Earth-humans are immediately receiving them; quite properly encrypted and tested for parity – – as well as Cyclic Redundancy Checked (CRC).

 I keep no secrets from you; although I wish I could.