The Sin of SLOTH Pieter Bruegel the Elder Circa 1557

“Third amongst you is the most feared and despised,

yet thou are never spoken of in an open voice,

your six brethren nappers are very afraid,

aware of the poison of thine presence.”

that is you, pallid one – – – ‘Nepotism.”


“Thou steal honor and spirit from others.”

“Thou bow to that which is not earned.”

“Thine alter is built on the bones,

of your ancestors.”


“But this alter is not built of pride, its foundation – – -,

 the stiff necked haughtiness of rotting flesh,

inherited laurels bespeak of the smell,

of decaying ineptitude.”


“And you, fourth one with arms stiffly outstretched; O living zombie.”

“Thou shalt not hide behind the others. Thy name is ‘Education’,

and it shall forever be suspect and under watchful eye.”

“Do not saunter with the other seven diseases.”


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