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The miner lost his gold and his soul went blind,
moans flooded his brain, then he lost his mind,
he looked to God and everyone else for blame,
then out of the ether, the Voice, again, came –
saying: “You accuse all in this word; you persist –
eliminating your own self from that guilty list.
Put yourself, your soul, you own mind in command,
no one was congratulated when the gold was panned,
it is only for riches that you have sold your soul,
the end is near – I suggest you regain control.
you mirror the Loving Father’s prodigal child”
The Voice disappeared, and the miner smiled,
He was pleased that the Voice was no longer aside –
remembering why the gold was hidden; he sighed,
and realized it was a dream, the miner awoke,
rubbing his eyes, the old man arose and spoke;
“Thank you, you have set my heart aflame,
I now realize that I must accept the blame.”
The minor had found himself – and with a sigh,
fetched his barren canvas bag and said ‘goodbye.’

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