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There lived an Indian; his self-knowledge was such,
this quality gave him the sense of ‘common touch’,
he walked through the woods with natural grace;
it was known, war paint had never touched his face.
He had no enemies, not a single one;
he spoke without anger – injured none.
When walking through nature, he did not fail,
to say ‘Hello’ to birds and animals on the trail,
the winged ones danced about his head;
the animals in his presence never dread,
even the chipmunks and porcupines thrilled,
while about his legs the butterflies milled.
This Indian Spirit greeted every new day,
with love of nature, not a bit of dismay,
Others had heard of him but did not sight –
this valiant man of gentleness and light,
fellow natives waited to see him patiently,
not a single one, could gage his proximity.
They waited by the side of bubbling brook,
to catch a glimpse of his charismatic look!
If he would appear – it would bring content.
to the other Indian’s ongoing argument –
“Who was this God of the verdant palace?”
“Who had a halo about him- a borealis?”
They knew not of the mirrors – his heart replaced,
Nor the all-knowing acquaintance that they faced,
as for this love – everything shone,
without need of riches or a throne.
The others, for this Spirit, had deep revere,
while hoping that his image would reappear,
and of their poverty – would he see –
mirrored in himself – their nobility.
In the Spirit’s presence the forest illuminated,
A bright verdant palace he roamed was located –
wherever his body and reverent soul,
mirrored all braves as His whole.
There were no doubles to masquerade,
no other mirrors or idols to be displayed.
The others revered, in His magnificence,
in hard times accepted His beneficence;
The Spirit’s heart, with they, were one,
always together, mirrored in unison.
At times they doubted him; uncertainty –
always then – he displayed his Reality,
in times of famine, flood or drought,
it was then, the Spirit they sought,
over fear and wanting, the day was won,
their maize grew tall with rain and sun.

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