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Sultan Mahmud, had a boy slave with the pretty eyes,
regarding their relationship – Mahmud told many lies,
the sultan was mesmerized by slave’s comely expression,
and also, long black hair and unblemished complexion.
Mahmud waxed romantically in his loneliness,
he admired Ayaz’ curls – that long black tress,
“I am deeply troubled by my desire” he said,
“these tears of longing, for you, I daily shed,
how do I withstand this awful suffering?
My heart should not ache, for I am king;
my heart is with you, though my corpulence is here,
my Advisor counsels me, against Ayaz’ bed, I fear.”
The Voice said “Ayaz and his Evil Eye could do,
much damage to your supremacy and manhood too.”
The sulking Mahmud was silent; then he spoke;
“Lovely Ayaz go promptly, lest this love I unyoke.”
Ayaz responded quickly, dark eyes with a flash.
“Why have you rejected me, and leave me abash?”
“Go now” said Mahmud, “Don’t pause for breath,
my ‘man love’ will haunt me long after your death.”
Mahmud – with much fearing and dread,
could no longer avoid sweet Ayaz’ bed,
he may lose his empire, possibly his head!
Ayaz had often prayed for the royal life,
hoping to avoid the slave’s daily strife.
“My king,” Ayaz said, “I am happy indeed,
that you have found ‘our way’, with speed –
your happiness, in those green eyes, I see –
may my eyes mirror the happiness in me,
trust my virtuousness, I do not lie.”
then Ayaz finished with a soft sigh.
Mahmud replied; “You could not know –
the concealed manner which lovers go,
if my life is to be lived without your face,
I could not stand a moment in this place,
the moralistic world is surely unaware,
of the ambiguities that you and I share”
In the palace, Mahmud avowed, although,
following the veil of morality, he did know,
it was Ayaz – who Mahmud – would always adore,
Mahmud soon made Ayaz – ‘The King of Lahore.’

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