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Ageless paradoxes were relinquished to the herds,
only then, they comprehended Dehkhoda’s words,
their mirrored future now was plain,
and they were impatient to set off again.
The Dehkhoda’s stories described the way,
in augmented unison the voices arose to say:
“Tell us, Dehkhoda, should we proceed?
Let us get on with this splendid deed.”
“A quest -, said the Dehkhoda, their guide,
“is that in which other concerns have died,
forget ‘worry’, for that is ‘failure’ in name;
overwrought apprehension, is all the same,
maintain you mind – with self-control;
defeat fear’s burden, to reach your goal.
leave behind this millstone, keep goal in sight,
cheer up and it will make your journey lite,
attune your perceptions, your common sense obey,
rumors, fearful stories and other-such, throw away,
attempting to defeat others is blasphemy,
raising yourself to help neighbors is piety,
understanding ‘the other’ is a loving condition,
to understand ‘the self’ is a noble apparition,
understand others, determine how they feel,
not everyone has a heart, composed of steel.
Bitterness is overcome with understanding,
not with allegations; offensive or demanding,
enjoy the cup of Life; fill it with wine –
if you have no vigor; then share mine.
Understanding and vitality requires some pain,
if you are angry or tired; then attempt it again,
understanding others and struggling gives,
nobility and dignity to those desiring to live.
Where understand is to be found –
friendship is the common ground,
leave behind your ego and vanity,
that is the hall mark of our humanity.
Once these mountains and chasms are passed,
we will reach our dreams and goals, at last,
helping each other will keep away poverty,
everyone will reap the benefits of generosity.
When you accept that friendships remain,
bitterness and enmity will have been slain.
When you reach the end of this quest then ask –
“Was the effort and risk such a tireless task?”
Your journey began with hopeful calm,
you took the risk with gracious aplomb;
with anxiety aside – like soldiers — do meet,
the challenges ahead – to thwart and defeat.

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