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The apparition shone brightly as the sun,
over his cougar skin, the vision had won
“Why go back to my people and forever face –
I am no longer Chief, to live in such disgrace?”
Around the apparition’s head, dark locks curled,
would the chief become a disgrace to his world?
Was the chief slated to be lost in defeat –
would he bow at this apparition’s feet?
He wrenched at his brain and tugged at his hair,
wondering if he could avoid this internal despair.
The apparition spoke to him of servitude and love,
promising acceptance from the Great Spirit, above.
The Crow’s feathers and cougar skin; so it seemed —
would not remove the apparition, of which he dreamed,
it appeared to love him as it walked the lake and smiled,
leaving the Crow Chief more than a little bit beguiled.
There was a halo about its head like fire,
raising the chief’s reverence and desire;
to understand it and look in its eyes,
so that he could know it and realize, –
what others may know – this he knew –
it could perform acts – others could not do.

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