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They called for a Medicine Man after a delay –
who dwelled, perhaps, one new moon away;
the bia* sat in circles emitting their sighs,
holding their children, wiping their eyes,
*The Crow replacement word for the derogatory word “squaw.”
the wind gnarling their long black hair –
as they sat cross-legged in sad despair.
Their cries for old chief pierced night –
hoping the apparition would take flight,
was there adequate time to voice their grief?
would their leader return to his old belief?
If only his lips and eyes would move,
this apparition, they could approve,
however, no movement or life could they see,
asking “is the apparition a young bia Pawnee –
spirit dancing and singing within his head,
destroying his body and mind until dead?
What spirit does risk invading our space –
why take the chance going face-to-face –
with us and chancing torture and pain –
to take possession of the old chief again?
We surely have a right of complaint –
why show any mercy or restraint?
Reason, patience — all are now gone,
we only want Crow Chief to live on.”

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