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And then the Crow Braves danced around,
imitating eagle, bison and caribou sound –
wearing headdresses; it was a glorious sight;
as they attempted to exercise every Crow rite.
Finally, the revered chieftain awoke and replied,
“I believe I saw the Great Spirit before I died.”
A bia* asked; “Did he carry a beaded black rosary?”
chief responded: “Why ask such questions of me?”

*a none-derogatory Crow word replacing ‘squaw’

one urged him tell his dream; he said, “I will,
it is a long tale, it is strange – can you remain still –
while I tell the story?” then he said: “I saw the face
of a man who walks on the lake – a sacred place.”
Another brave laughed: “Enough! You must –
have lost your mind in the dry desert’s dust –
Come back.” The chief replied “I may make –
errors in life but I am sure this is no mistake.”
Another rebuked him: “Have you no regret? –
our badland spirits; you must not forget!”
The chief said: “Do not interrupt there is more; –
where was I with my tale? You spoke before –
I had a chance to unburden my heart –
For, this tale to you, I must impart.”
Then he said: “The apparition was not from hell,
even though below – is where the monsters dwell.”
A brave said: “Our Crow Chief has gone astray;
he has lost his mind, no longer knows the way?”
“True, I no longer believe in the spirit of the deer”
Replied the Chief, “and the eagle spirit, I also fear.”
Another said: “You can no longer lead us in this disgrace.”
The Chief answered: “The apparition will bless this place.”
One said: “So – you must think your apparition will roam –
around until it haunts these grounds – our sacred home?”
The chief replied: “It surely is no mystery –
that the apparition has much faith in me.”
Another said: “Regain your wits – repent!”
He rejoined: “Quiet now! – with your dissent.”
One said: ‘You sit there silent, like a toad.”
disrespect for our spirits, you have showed,
I hope that you return to your senses again –
and once more – sit at The White Bear’s den –
before the Great Spirit – admit this shame.”
Chief replied: “The apparition is my flame,
If I must grow angry – and with you fight –
to defend a new principle is my holy right,
prepare your ears for blasphemy;
you appear to have too much piety.”
The Crow braves could not seem to restore his belief –
in the Great Spirit. – They fell silent – in deep grief,
their faces grew white, ashen and pale,
then falling prostate they began to wail,
against this false apparition they wished to shield –
their revered chief, however, he would not yield.

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