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A thousand gloomy nights and dreary dawns
revealed no spirits; neither bear cubs nor fawns,
never had they experienced such fear before,
while famine and enemies stood at their door.
They lost themselves in various ritual and prayer,
weaving portions of blood root with badger hair,
how enduring they waited through days and night –
for their revered old Crow Chief to see the light,
some of them died while many grew ill,
the chief insisted the apparition was still –
worth waiting for, his opinion would not move.
The tribe grew weaker, but would not disapprove –
of anything that the chief did or said
as he lay there failing – in his last bed.
The Crow Chief spoke: “I have a great story to speak –
before I die – for I feel deeply tired, ashen and weak –
as you, the animals and other beings can surely see.
however, I would appreciate patience and empathy.
Can you find a little love, pity or understanding for –
this grey old chief laying on the teepee floor?
You will not intervene, so save your breath,
my apparition will be with me until death.
It will consume you so take notice; beware,
it has as much power as Great White Bear,
the apparition is now within me; it is deep,
it hovers over me whether awake or asleep,
only I can see it, only I believe – I alone,
it is a lonely field of love that I have sown,
my passion for the apparition continues to burn,
and because you cannot see it, lonely I must yearn.
If only you could believe it, long have I despaired,
that your eyes cannot be open, apparition shared.
My heart has turned to blood; how long must I –
subsist on misery? I truly ask – you need not try –
to humble the apparition – who you think your foe,
it is beneath you – I believe that you sink too low.
Give yourselves time to consider and wait –
I know the apparition will become your fate,
it will appear to you – soon – and happily greet,
to wash away your fears and sense of defeat,
this abiding promise – to you – I give,
and if I fail you, I do not wish to live.
How long must I lay here while you complain?
Can’t you see – your creating your own pain?
We are all the same – into this life thrown,
none of us can survive it, not even I, if alone –
am being chased by a foe, to the precipice edge,
would we turn to fight – or leap over the ledge?
The apparition has told me – secretly,
that he would, perpetually, be with me,
he would protect me from flood and fire,
and shield me from any vicarious desire,
in times of danger he would not depart,
while giving me deep courage and heart.
And if I would fall into deep despair and sigh –
he promised to be with me, he would not fly.”

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