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A brave laughed; “Old chief, take my advice –
believing in the apparition is not paradise.
Ask yourself, is the apparition warm or cold?
How could you answer?; you are beyond old.
Possibly it was a bia*-dream – when you might –
wrestle with pretty sprites throughout the night?”

* Crow word for woman (replaces derogatory ‘squaw’)

The chief answered him; ‘Enough of that lie!
You curse the apparition – and will surely die –
from a fearful foe’s spear or arrowed dart,
before that – I beg – take the apparition to heart.
The brave replied: ‘Before I do that, I must –
somehow see the apparition before I can trust –
him to protect me, I must see – with my own eye,
that the apparition responds with an assured reply.”
The chief said: “I think that for you –
the apparition would never quite do.”
The brave answered: “I agree to no spirit’s commands,
if I must conquer a foe, I will do so with my own hands,
surely your apparition does not help me or care
your promises and creations are only thin air.”
Chief returned; “I know it is difficult for you to obey –
what I have dreamed of the apparition – what I say,
how deeply with the apparition I am now entwined –
if you could see what I saw you would be resigned!”
The brave smiled; “I know that I would be allowed –
if only I could see him – I would not be so unbowed,
it would be noble, when going into battle, to be unafraid,
or with the peace-pipe, have lasting agreements made”
With that they passed a peace-pipe around,
spoke no more words, listed to the sound
of the owl’s hoots, fox’s cry, in distant lands,
chief was silent – made no more commands,
when the pipe became cold, he filled the bowl,
they smoked the pipe, shared each other’s soul.
The night sky lit with faraway stars – seemed –
to bring others – the apparition chief dreamed.
Appetite renewed their thirst, then they ate,
buffalo stew of pemmican, their favorite fete,
Eating with their chief gave the braves heart,
thy honored him – then agreed to depart –
his presence but not to abandon him,
as the evening grew short, sunlight dim,
chief understood their concerns when he was alone,
he was not confused his love of apparition had grown.

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