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This understanding of the apparition, only Chief could see,
it was not something the braves understood instinctively –
he wore no holy beads around his neck,
and surely was not an ascetic wreck,
still, they asked; “What do you want, old man? –
old hypocrite of understanding, but only can –
speak of the apparition, but we declare –
will he not show himself, not even a hair,
we are confused, and you must agree –
hating the apparition is blasphemy.
How are we to follow him, like you say?
this has never been the Crow tribe’s way.”
The crow braves were near a waring state,
strife, internally, was that to be their fate?
Of this apparition, they were growing afraid,
and quite concerned that it must be obeyed –
ancient blood still flowed in the old chief’s veins,
surely, these ancestors had conveyed their brains,
was the chief’s body and head to old,
had his reasoning and logic grown cold?
Within each brave the question cried;
“We are confused, old chief, you decide –
is this apparition pure idolatry? –
point the correct direction for me.
On the funeral pyre I would gladly burn,
if this apparition does not love and learn,
that each of understands spirits quite well,
why must we find new meanings that dwell –
must we abandon good fortune and make –
new amulets, for this apparition’s sake?”
They followed the old chief to a Christian mission,
where the old chief made a good act of contrition,
they hid around corners, not showing their face,
afraid of what may happen in this dreadful place –
they possessed their own natural spirits and belief,
the old chief’s actions brought shame and grief.
They said: “This apparition has well betrayed;
all crow brave’s spirits and of the old chief made –
a fool – the unbearable deed has been done,
he has offended the spirits of moon and sun.”
(How many religions must mankind invent –
before we get God’s approval and assent?)
“I now belong to the apparition” chief said,
“Whatever becomes of you is on my head,
I have eaten the host and tasted the wine;
I have accepted the holy apparition as mine!
You may disavow me, forget me, in disgrace,
however, I am not ashamed, will not lose face.
Over the years I defied the desert and dusty road,
and paddled my canoe where raging river flowed,
you all paddled behind me, stroke by stroke,
wearing eagle’s feathers and beaver’s cloak;
and accepted my hunting skills as a great sign,
that I could bring your people food, so divine.
Respect, for only my sake, what this chief has done –
how can you tell me – that we can not be – as one?
Why do you abandon me, and cause me pain;
have I shepherded and guided you in vain?”

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