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One brave replied: “Your spirits are poor, and I –
do not accept this apparition – who sits so high;
who appears to you, righteous and innocent –
you have created your own predicament.
I truly wish that if I could accept and take.
for myself this apparition who walks the lake,
however chief, you left us, sad and alone;
why to this lake-walker, have you flown?”
The chief responded; “Fine brave, understand now –
to an exceptional apparition I have given my vow,
when it walked on the water with a divine gait,
it was then, only then, that I decided my fate.
Your harsh rejection will return to haunt you
earth, stars and seasons bring all things anew,
is it impossible to have a new spirit for everyone?
this is a bitter argument, what, here, is to be won?
You act as if my apparition is a spiritual crime,
to me, he who walks on lakes, is clearly sublime,
you and the other braves have departed me – gone,
if only, it was you that the apparition fell upon.
He watches us – you – the other – and I,
it is eerie to know this, you may wish to fly;
however, if you believe – it avoids hell,
the tortures of which I wish not to tell.”
Finally, these pleadings reached the braves heart,
“Oh chief, you are one who knows your own part,”
they said, “But avoid the apparition for a year,
and, we can follow the apparition without fear.”
The Old Crow Chief did not refuse, they found a way,
to accept each other’s beliefs, while continuing to obey,
the callings of the White Bear Spirit while not –
scheming and conniving a horrible theocide plot.
Dear reader, do not imagine the chief would fall;
this is a universal story, which lurks in us all,
rearing its degrading head when we begin,
to avoid recovery’s path — if you think sin –
has a place in your nature, you will not stay
content with others; you are not on the way –
to start our journey – with us – you will find,
that fear is an imaginary joke on the mind –
avoid becoming fearful and then a new you,
will replace the terrified one you once knew,
apprehensive thought is a worry some plight,
it swallows the achievable benefits from sight –
while making mountains of molehills – in your head.
Once more, the Crow Braves returned and said;
‘We leave for our Sacred grounds, but our hearts ache –
to Great White Bear, do you wish us, a message to take?
Should we tell Great White Bear, the apparition you embrace?
Of this, he would surely think of you – as an incredible disgrace.
How, as a great Crow Chief, are we to think of you?
Converted leadership – are we to see the apparition too?
How to face this inconsistency -we –
are seriously considering too flee,
are you so lost in apparitions and prayer? –
for our sacred ground you no longer care?”
The Crow Chief replied: ‘You break my heart! –
Do what you must – run away – flee -depart;
I know that the apparition keeps me alive,
it is now the only way that I am to survive.
There is no way that you could possibly know –
following the path of the apparition, I must go.
When I hear you will leave me it causes pain,
it appears you like saying it – again and again,
you surely know better than foe or than anyone –
that to follow the apparition what must be done –
therefore – until your return I will wait
surrounded by my beliefs and fate.
You must look at the story – whole,
before you can master self-control,
logic and belief are separated by a hair,
that is why humankind falls in despair.
If you believe in something strange, then say
“What two humans believe in the same way?”
In your beliefs you should remain secure,
and leave the vacillations to those unsure.

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