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Old Crow Chief had chosen his path – drank the wine,
while the crow braves saw his spiritual beliefs decline,
deeply dejected -sadly – they trekked back home,
while allowing their crow chief’s theology to roam.
in the badlands they hid, of the apparition afraid,
believing that the Old Crow Chief had strayed,
after some months they desired rest,
thinking that this apparition was a test,
was this apparition imagined gratefully –
or did the chief believe in it faithfully?
“What should we believe in?” asked they
has our Old Crow Chief has led us astray?”
they smote themselves and cut their hair,
all crying and moaning in great despair;
while wrapping themselves in buffalo cloak,
and sat in a circle, a truth-pipe to smoke,
“How could he abandon the spirits – all three” –
Great White Bear, Peaceful Fawn, Eagle Free –
for this apparition that walked on the lake –
abandoned our ancient spirits for the sake –
of the apparition who appeared quite pale? –
believing in this new spirit will surely fail.”


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