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The immigrant’s hearts were all afire,
to travel forward, their deep desire,
the lectures of the Dehkhoda had given them heart;
however, some remained reluctant from the start.
They argued amongst themselves; indeed –
“We must settle this.” they finally agreed.
The worriers said, “Who can guide us, who –
is able to deliver us to our dreams so true?
Those who were sure of Dehkhoda’s ability,
said “Dehkhoda guides us well, as you can see,
whatever he has advised along the way,
he has done well so far – this we say.
Over these grassy plains our daily ride –
has been sure and even, no need to hide,
Dehkhoda finds us a place to rest in the shade,
his advice has been excellent and we obeyed.”
Other names were raised, who could they trust?
They decided a vote would be proper and just,
a winning lottery must be the final decide –
which immigrant should be their guide.
They gathered to discuss, animosity aside,
a vote was taken, the Dehkhoda won,
they were bound together – everyone.
They agreed to follow him and would sacrifice,
themselves as a group – if that was the price;
the wagon train moved forward on these words,
and that finally settled the immigrant herds.


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