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The trembling questers stared out across the plain;
The grass seemed as endless, endless; as their pain.
But in the Dehkhoda’s heart self-confidence,
certified him to speak to this unique conference –
their worry did not alarm him nor the high –
flock of circling buzzards in the bright sky.
What other wagon train leader could bear,
The worrisome difficulties; all in his care?
The anxious pilgrims appealed to the guide,
“You must get us to our goal.” they cried,
“We have no leader, we have no king –
you appear to know most everything,
you have crossed this prairie; therefore you know,
whether to the north or south or straight we go;
you have seen bears and buffalo along the way,
we will follow your lead, anywhere you say,
lead us safely to those far lands we seek,
as we are unexperienced; our spirits weak,
give us courage, enlighten our hearts,
before this wagon train, again departs,
your courage is not the thing we doubt,
it is the unknown that this is about,
daylight is disappearing, soon there will be no light,
help us through uncertainty, it is our dark night;
give us directions and we will commit –
our sinew and muscle, all we have, to it.”
The Dehkhoda spoke, and the pilgrim herds,
considered each and every one of his words;
all of them gathered to understand his mind,
gathered by nations, clarifying for their kind.
The German and the Frenchman voiced complaint,
their crowds grew smaller, their words grew faint –
the crowds applauded the Dehkhoda; an opportune state,
where neither fear nor anarchy – could easily predominate.
As the Dehkhoda spoke; he verbally drew,
a great path forward; undoubtedly true.
One asked: “How is it that you surpass us in –
this quest, requiring courage; what is our sin? –
we are alone and so are you — but you receive –
courage and heart, while we can only grieve.”

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