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To profess an ideal of perfect equality or harmony is nonsensical.

Likewise so is professing an ideal of perfect free trade or pure capitalism.

Ideals are perfect goals. They will never be reached. They are simply an idea that must be perfected through trial and error. It is all in the ‘doing’ of the ideal, not in the ‘end result.’

Even scientists and mathematicians realize that by ‘approximating’ a formula and then ‘approximating’ it again and again will they ever approach the truth. That is the truth in science. That also is the truth of humanity. There is no end to discovery. It is all approximation. We believe that we can jump to the end but there is no end; we just discover another path ‘towards’ the end.

Those who preach that egalitarianism, utopianism, or pure free trade can be reached in one generation only fool themselves while they are trying…

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