I Am Inept at recieveing Awards or Complements – – – but – – –

I have never been good a recieving complements AND ESPECIALLY AWARDS. But I guess if I am going to blog I better get with it. I was nominated for an award over the weekend and acceepted it privately but did nothing publically.

Now I have recieved another award, this time from Rustic Recluse ; The Thanks for Writing award.

I will do my best to follow the rules; post the award, name my favorite blogs and ask them to pass it on to their favorite blogs.

I won’t say anything about my likes or dislikes; I already spilled the beans on my home page (more than you want or need to know).

I have now completed rule one and three.

Moving on to rule #2, my favorites (just to name a few). I find gems in each and every blog I read and therefore find it difficult to make a short list.

Thanks to everyone for sharing photos and information and history and personal peaves and advice and poems and prose and news and politics.

AND THE NOMINEES ARE – – – – (drum roll)    “Envelope Please”

http://jmmcdowell.com/ For the Archaeology and accompanying stories.

http://chinadailymail.wordpress.com/ For the interesting news from China

http://artandphotomad.wordpress.com/ For the photos that she posts (Possibly this will get her to post more of her enjoyable work)

http://drawandshoot.wordpress.com/ For the effort and detail she puts into her excellent photos.

http://russelrayphotos2.com/ For a chance to see daily life, from a human perspective, about very southern California.

http://allaboutlemon.com/ We all need a little humor and she posts it ALL.

http://saymberblondi.wordpress.com/ For a look at what we all see but fail to contemplate.

That is about it. Thanks again for the nice award.   Wally