CONFUSED? (Serial Posts; Where do they Start? Stand Alone Posts; where are they?)

This blog contains two types of posts.

First there are series of posts that all fit together.

Then there are individual posts that stand on their own.

I will first identify the series and where each series starts.

The first series is about a private archaeology. It starts at;

Then there is a true story about a Frenchman that appeared in the census reports while I was doing the archaeology postings. That blog starts at;

And there is a series of snippets of poems by a 1830 writer named Paul Hamilton Hayne. This series starts at;

There is a series about Isabel Paterson, a woman of conviction and strength who concisely identified the ideals that represent freedom for America.

Now we just had to add the series of a few infamous people.

There is a wonderful book put together by a sketch artist, a poet and two engravers.

And then there is a series is about the Australian bandit/folk hero “Ned Kelly.” He has a lot of fun with us at his own expense.

A recent series is about the New York State Inebriate Asylum, circa 1869; well it is really about one of the inmates. In fact, he wrote this series of posts. And here is where the series starts.

A new series started on Nov. 6, 2012. It is about Fred’s tragedy and starts at the following link.

At the beginning of February, 2013 we started a series about Egil’s Saga. It starts here:

Now that Egil’s Saga is complete we have started ALEX IN BLUNDERLAND. The introduction starts here:

“Dreaming Wally” starts here; 

The current set of posts is about fishermen and starts here;

On January 10, 2014 I decided to move all my posts (well – – – most of my posts) over here from another blogging site which shall remain nameless. This series of posts starts here. I hope you enjoy all the new people that you meet in this series.

This series of posts defines the movement of a farm family from the Connecticut/New York border to the Indian Territory that was purchased around 1800. It defines the hardships and mishaps that were part of such a risky move.

This series of 23 posts started on 10/23/14. It defines the life and times of the Extremadura region of Iberia/Spain. It starts in 400 B.C. and ends by stating some pertinent facts about Extremadura and the citations for the series used to create the posts.

The next series of posts defines the body of work by SUPERHERO JUAN JAIN – – – And it starts here. I dare say no more.

Cripes all-mighty – – – here he goes again! This time it is a little more serious. In fact it is downright mortifying. Humans killing each others souls. What the heck won’t he write about? Here is where it all starts.

Well well, well – – – there he goes; one more time. Another series. However, this is re-do. Golfers get ‘Mulligans’ and politicians get ‘Clarifications.’ So I get a ‘Re-do’ because this series was posted a few years back and then it was deleted for reasons only known to ‘His Highness’ (that’s me).

And now a series about an elevator trip in the 15 story Binghamton University Library Tower Elevator. Hang on!

Just look at this series. The whole story is written on the daily log of a fisherman; page by page, day by day. All while someone is attempting to murder him.

Here we go again. This series is about the dearly departed souls of 15 men who died in the war of 1812. They are called “The Chateaugay Platoon.”

Will this guy ever stop writing series?  Holy Cow! (My apologies to the Brahman) This series will center on Genghis Khan, the Monguls, Mongolia and other such interesting people and places. ENJOY!


The brain is a strange yet magical thing.


Tocqueville has something to say and so do I


This series of posts is either the echoes of my own mind or a lazy attribute of it.

Ah yes! What would any blog be without a series of posts that defines how this world became what it is today. Click on the following introduction that explains it all — or perhaps it explains nothing — you decide. 

And now — onto a world made up of two worlds. When you are just getting into the world exemplified by the Chisholm Trail — you find yourself thrown into yet another world. A mixture of religion and Artificial Intelligence. 



I have nothing to add to the title; “THE DEHKHODA.” This series of posts will be a mystical trip from ancient Persia to the plains and deserts of the New World. Sufism and self confidence will compete for your minds and souls. This, I promise, will be a long and arduous trip. But once completed, will be nothing more than a quest that will sooth your inner being; due to the discoveries that will be presented – just for you.

Love and peacefulness to your deeper self. 


There is no structure to the rest of this blog. If you look in the catagories section they are listed under “Odds and Ends” and “Short Stories.”

I hope that this helps.


15 thoughts on “CONFUSED? (Serial Posts; Where do they Start? Stand Alone Posts; where are they?)”

  1. I love the way you’ve explained your blog’s content and categories! In fact, I wish bloggers the world over did this more often!

    • Thanks, It seemed useless for me to include serial stories if people were only going to be confused, irratated and finally abondon the whole thing. It was more of a self-preservation act than anything else. Thanks for commenting on it. It re-inforces my efforts. Wally

  2. This is nice. Just finished reading one of your posts (am Dutch.. it takes a long time 😉 ) but at the end I was like.. who.. is Fred?!!

    Now.. I have another excuse to not finish my papers! 🙂

    • Well – – – we may never find out who Fred is – – – especially since I promised him I would not divulge his name. But if enough people press me I may just break my promise to him. Thanks for visiting – – – especially because of the extra effort you must put into it. It means a lot to me that you give extra effort to read my writing. Be good and keep up the painting. (You mentioned “excuse to not finish my papers!” What papers do you speak of? Student or teacher?

      • Social Venturing and an Internship report (the deadline was one year ago hahahaha – worst student ever!!)

        Och.. yes well a promise is a promise right 😉 Maybe some men are to remain a mystery… 😉

        Warm wishes!!

    • Both Fred and Alex are me. Sorry about hiding behind my writing for so long. Be good, graduate and enjoy the world no matter how hard it may be to accept.
      Love your posts. Wally

      • Oh Wally, I’m SO glad to hear that they are pseudonyms. When I read that you were about to break a promised confidentiality simply because too many people were asking, I began to wonder if there was anything here I *wanted* to read. As I scrolled down to leave some sort of a “Don’t do it, Wally!” comment, I was relieved to read that I was mistaken.

        Promises to oneself at one point in life, however, can outlive their purpose as time goes by and simply must be rewritten.

        Cliff Notes of an anecdote from one of my books:
        When I was a kid I promised myself, when my mother wouldn’t let me eat a Snickers bar right there in the grocery store, that when I grew up I would *always* eat a Snickers bar as I did my grocery shopping. For many years into my adulthood I felt practically compelled to do so, even when I stopped preferring that particular candy bar. It became a “should” rather than a choice.

        So I broke that promise. Better for my health and weight, of course, but there were other good things that came from that. It changed the way I looked at myself and my decisions.

        It will be interesting to explore here to see what changed after you made the decision to break your promise to “Fred and Alex.”

        (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
        – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
        “It takes a village to transform a world!”

      • Somewhere, sometime, in days gone by, I have a very ill feeling that I gave away Fred’s ID. I can’t remember where or when – – – but then again – – – I don’t remember where or when about a lot of things these days. So I will just continue inventing memories and writing them down as if they were true. Memories are made of this.

      • Science tells us that ALL memories are invented in some part. We store pieces in different parts of the brain, and when we retrieve a memory we must seek out the puzzle pieces and put them together again. That alone changes what we are positive we “remember.”

        After a while the brain can’t distinguish clearly between what we experienced and what we were told (or tell ourselves). Good and bad both in that one!

      • I wrote some of those things down before I lost her to Alzheimer’s. Now I find those writings from time to time. They bring back the memories.

        Thanks for listening!

  3. Deliberately Delicious said:

    Thanks for explaining how your blog works. I too started reading and found myself a bit confused. Now I know where to begin (and am thinking I should have some kind of similar explanation for some of my posts…)

    • I am glad you found this page. I also had no direction for my readers. Then someone told me how confusing it was. DUH! It never dawned on me. So I thought about how I would handle this and this is what I came up with. Thank you for your comment. I am glad it helped. And thank you also for reading my posts.

  4. Love to you Wally and so glad to see you in my likes. I hope you are well my friend. I am still not smart enough to navigate your site.

    • Hi Cindy! It is always nice to hear from you. Your posts always take me away to another place I have never been or even imagine. Colorful, clear and concise. I am doing well. I do not write as much as I used to for my blog but put some things on facebook just to see if I can scare up a new group of readers. Thanks for commenting; it means a lot to me.

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