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Where the Ollapod Club Meets

Tuesday and Saturday are club nights – meetings of the Ollapod Club, so called, a literary and social organ­ization, founded on the 18th of No­vember last, and of quick growth in intellectual and moral force. We num­ber at this present writing sixty mem­bers elected by ballot; and our terms as to qualification are studiously lib­eral, the object being to invite to the advantages and wholesome influences of the association every man in the asylum who has not rendered himself ineligible by notoriously vicious prac­tices, or by such coarseness of manners and habits as brand him as socially in­tolerable. On the roll of the Ollapod Club may be found the names of men who, in their respective walks of life, have adorned and taught superior com­munities.

An actual page from the list of patients (Last Names Muted)

Here are divines, physicians, lawyers, writers, artists, teachers, mer­chants, and more than one scholar hon­orably known by his attainments in the exact sciences or criticism. In this connection, however, I would remark that the sedentary professions send to the Asylum a much smaller proportion of the whole number of confirmed in­ebriates than may he supposed. Of the three hundred and ten patients received here between the 1st of January and the 31st of December, r868, whilst ninety-three were clerks, eighty-two mer­chants, sixteen farmers, fifteen lawyers, nine brokers and bankers, and twenty-eight “independent gentlemen” of no occupation, there were but three cler­gymen, two physicians, two authors, two teachers, one artist, and two pro­fessional musicians; it is noticeable, also, that of the three hundred and ten, but five were printers, and not one an actor. Here is matter for speculation, – a fact to reconcile with a theory; but this paper is to be a practical state­ment, and I turn from the temptation.