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 15 What Now


We don’t know why,

he decided to,

park his canoe,

in this spot.

Maybe it was easy,

to get in and out,

of his canoe.

We don’t why,

he decided to,

take an extra,

pole with him.


But we do know,

he decided to,

lean it on,

a rock.

We can all hope,

that he decided to,

tie up the canoe.

Then again – – – ,

we can all see,

where he is going,

to end up.

On that note,

maybe it would be,

a good thing,

if the canoe,

decided to,

float toward him,

so he could save himself.

Can we all agree,

that the extra pole,

will not be necessary,

as he swiftly paddles,

back to his tent,

for a warm dry,

set of clothes.

© Copy written for what I will never know.

Credit to DARVILLS