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 17 Perfect morning


It was a perfect morning.

However, it started the prior day.

Mother had opened,

some canned peaches,

Father and I,

had turned over,

the garden.

So I used the empty peach can,

to hold some garden worms,

throughout the night.

Early the next morning,

the robins woke me,

I scurried to dress,

in my very best,

fishing clothes.

I didn’t have to beg,

the dog to follow,

he saw the pole,

and the can of worms,

and wagged his tail.

I said “C’mon Tippy,”

just to make him,

feel welcome,

to join me.

So we walked together,

down a few blocks,

of Walton to reach,

the Delaware.

Mr. Andrews,

was putting the fruit,

out in front of his store.

The police chief waved,

and smiled at us two,

from his patrol car.

Mrs. Reed had already,

hung out her whites,

to dry on the line.

I found my rock,

put a worm on the hook,

sat down with my dog Tippy,

and proceeded to listen to,

the Catskill Mountains,

as they came to life.

I had a few nibbles,

but didn’t catch any trout,

but that was just  fine with me,

I saw a whole bunch of things,

that would help me,

negotiate life.

© Copy written for what I will never know.

Credit to DARVILLS