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Happy Easter


(Eli and Peter continue their conversation

as they stand facing each other;

alone in the conference room)

Lost your life’s work, have you?

Corporations are nothing.

Real estate is dirt.

I could take defeats like yours and laugh.

I’ve done it.

If you’re broken, it’s because you’re brittle.

I’ve lost.

You won.

And I can’t ever have you back again.

You’re all that I have ever loved.

Christ, you don’t know what

to have nothing is.

I want to die.


No, you don’t.


I want to die.


I’ll hold you.


Peter, I want to die.


Eli – – !


I want to die.


Let me hold you.


I want to die.


You will, you know, someday.

Just wait long enough,

and it’ll happen.

(Eli smiles)


So it will.


We’re in the cellar,

you’re going back to the loft,

my life is wasted,

we’ve lost each other,

and you’re smiling.


It’s the way I register despair.

There’s everything in life but hope.


We’re both alive.

And for all I know,

that’s what hope is.


We’re jungle creatures, Peter,

and the dark is all around us.

See them? In the corners,

you can see the eyes.


And they can see ours.

I’m a match for anything.

Aren’t you?


I should have been a great fool…

and not loved you.


You’ll let me go for Easter?


On the Second Coming,

Then you can strike me down again.


Perhaps next time I’ll do it.


And perhaps you won’t.


(Peter helps Eli

down the elevator

with his suitcases

and hails a taxi)


You know, I hope we never die!


So do I.


You think there’s any chance of it?


Not at all, not as long as we have

each other to antagonize.

(Peter,  to the taxi driver)

Take him to the airport please.

Air France Terminal.