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Skallagrim murders Thorgerd Brak

I was twelve when the following occured. Thord, my father Skallagrim and I were at another ball game. Thord and I were outperforming Skallagrim. We, being younger men, were more energetic and Skallagrim was getting tired. As the sun became lower in the sky the game took a reverse with Skallagrim winning over us.

Skallagrim grew powerful and frenzied. He took Thord up high in the air and threw him down on the ground. Thord landed so hard that many bones is his body were broken. Thord died on the spot.

Skallagrim’s slave woman saw what had happened. She had raised me as a child. Her name was Thorgerd Brak and she was a big women as strong as a man. She was also a sorceress.

Skallagrim then lifted me up to do what he had done to Thord.

“That is your own son you are going for” said Thorgerd. She was well aware of the frame of mind of my father.

Father set me down and went for Thorgerd. She ran to a small cliff at a bay, jumped in and started swimming away. Skallagrim took a huge rock, threw it, and hit her between the shoulders. We never saw the rock or Thorgerd again.

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