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Althing Decision


I stood up and spoke with loud voice: “Is Onund Sjoni here on the Thing-brink?”

Onund replied that he was there. And he said, “I am glad, Egil, that you came. This will set right the dispute between these men.”

“Is it by your counsel,” said I, “that your son Steinar brings a charge against my son Thorstein, and has gathered much people to this end; to make Thorstein an outcast?”

“Of this I am not the cause,” replied Onund, “that they are quarrelling. I have spent many a word and begged Steinar to be reconciled with Thorstein; for in any case I would have spared your son Thorstein disgrace: and good cause for this is the loving friendship of old that has been between us two, Egil, since we grew up here as next-door neighbours.”

“It will soon be clear,’ I answered, “whether you speak this as truth or vain words; though I think this latter can hardly be. I remember the day when either of us had deemed it incredible that one should be accusing the other, or that we should not control our sons from going on with such folly as I hear this is like to prove. To me this seems right counsel, while we both live and are so nearly concerned with their quarrel, that we take this cause into our own hands and quash it, and let not Tongue-Odd and Einar match our sons together like fighting horses. Let them henceforth find some other way than this of making money.”

Onund spoke “Rightly say you, Egil; and it ill-fits us to be at Althing where our sons quarrel. Never shall that shame be ours, that we lacked the manhood to reconcile them.”

Onund continued with “Now, Steinar, lay this case in my hands and let me deal with it as I please.”

After some discussion Steiner allowed Onund to settle the case with me.

Onund approached me and said “Egil, in this matter decide as you will, for I trust you best to deal with my cause as you have with all others.”

Then Thorstein and Onund named witnesses to this agreement; declaring that I, Egil Skallagrimsson, should alone judge this case, without appeal, then and there at the Althing.

And that ended this suit.

However, the compensation decision was yet to be made by me alone; without appeal.

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