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This blog, like my own life, has gone full circle.

As a young boy I loved to write the stories that my mind saw.

Right or wrong; I now do it again.

This post, as you will see below, will link to my first two posts on “WordPress.” It also links to a fictional story in “Short Stories of Waldo.”

These links have a specific purpose; they form the end of this story.

So the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end.

But we must get on with the story so that you understand how such a strange thing is possible.

My special thanks to those of you who followed all 57 posts in this series; and also to those of you who will read the many other posts within the links. You will have to make use of the

 Next Post 

to move from post to post in the last two portions of this ending.


§    EPILOG    §

The sheep never recovered their eyesight but lived normal long lives.


George Park never obtained the information he was looking for about Jean Guilliame de Besse.


And you never did find out what happened to the Birdsall family after they departed the house of Juliand.


But wait!   All is not lost.


Other relatives of Jean Guilliame de Besse and George Park visited Epinetus at the “Preston Manor Home for the Indigent.” If you wish to read that rather eerie story then click on the sign in the front yard of Preston Manor.


Home for Epinetus


But not so fast. You may want to hear the Jean Guilliame de Besse story. You know; the one that Esquire George Park was never able to draw out of Epinetus. For the start of that story click on the picture of Jean Guilliame de Besse (aka Bessac) below.


Jean Guilliame's Picture


And last but not least; we really must finish the story about Henry Birdsall and his family. However this is not a eerie story, or a family story or a fictional story. It is the story of two families who lived in Greene, New York. There is nothing solid that ties the families together; only their identical surname and location give this allusion.


It is a story of comparative facts. Some may find it boring yet others may find it enlightening. I leave it up to you. To read these facts click on the following canal picture.


Chenango Canal



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