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An intra-family power struggle ensued with Alfonso VI demanding tribute from his third brother Sancho II. Sancho II defeated Alfonso VI at Leon and then defeated Garcia I, placing them both in exile. Sancho II was assassinated in October 1072 whereupon Alfonso VI and his sister Urraca invited Garcia I to a family conference. Garcia I, upon reaching the conference site was immediately imprisoned for life.


Alfonso VI


In 1074 A.D. Alfonso VI was receiving 70,000 gold dinars annually from Badajoz. However, he continued his aggression against the taifas. Al Qadir, taifa king of Toledo, was paying homage to the court of Leon. This enraged his people and an uprising took place in 1078 A.D.. By 1079 A.D. the people had convinced Umar al Aftas (also known as al Mutawakill), taifa king of Badajoz, to become their ruler. They allowed al Mutawakill’s forces into Toledo. Alfonso VI, in attempting to keep al Mutawakill from gathering reinforcement troops in Toledo set up a blockade on the Guadianna River. Alfonso VI also created an alliance with al Mutamid of Seville who in turn had requested El Cid to go to Toledo. As this confusion grew, Granada became involved in the mix. When Al Mutawakill heard of this he withdrew his troops from Toledo and retired to his stronghold at Badajoz.


Tomorrow: al Mutawakill

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