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14th Floor.

 Bartle Library

Bartle Library, Binghamton University, New York


I have a small reaction to the quickness of the elevator.


This isn’t the first time that I was surprised at the sudden drop – – – how else is the elevator to descend 15 floors? If it went at the speed of a normal elevator we would never reach the lobby. I smiled to myself as I watched the concern on the faces of the students.


Such foolish children – – – so worried about everything.


I wonder if they believe the lecture; that there is no such thing as God and that we are dupes of the government? Hah! Interesting concept; however, not full of facts. Mostly innuendo and calling on ghosts of past philosophers to shore up the argument.


The student’s backpack’s bump into each other and the sides of the elevator. I wonder what they carry in those bulky bags; only books?

No. There must be other things.

Glass pipes with the residue of happiness lining the bowl? I am sure there are a few samples of these glass menageries on this elevator with me. But what else is held in these backpacks? I am sure that in a few hundred years the archaeologists will discover what these students hide in these carry-alls. But then it will be too late for any of us, except the souls of these students, to know what was cached away.


How many of the eight students on this elevator are local? How many are from Connecticut, New Jersey, Long Island and other distant locations? This is reflected in the license plates of the cars that I pass as I walk from my home to the campus. Even the New York plates announce the variation; license plates beginning with “G” and “H” reflecting mainly the Islip and White Plains areas.


How many from Turkey, Japan, South America?


TOMORROW:  13th Floor