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Episode 49:   The Epilog

Alex and Myrtle, after they had quit the company, bought a piece of property at the junction of the Chateauguay and Marble Rivers. The remainder of their lives was spent fishing for browns and brookies in Franklin County.

Fly fishing

The fish was saved (from flopping around on the floor next to Pfeffer’s desk) by placing him in a huge water bottle. He can be seen there to this day; still procrastinating. His powers of obfuscation have been lost due to the clarity of his environment.

Fish in water tank

Henry is working in a shoe factory as a polisher. In the evenings and on weekends he continues this task at a local apple orchard.

Apple Polisher

Brad had a job (that he dearly loved) cleaning the mirrors in a local fitness gym. He became so absorbed with his own image that he could not distinguish between his real self and his reflection. The absorption became so great that he eventually became one with the mirror; never to be seen again.

Pony tail one with the  mirror

Lola and Pfeffer ended up robbing liquor stores. They are now incarcerated in a women’s prison in upstate New York. Conjugal visits are neither allowed, nor necessary.

lola and pfeffer

The beaver and the moose were last seen crossing the New York-Canadian border.

beaver and moose in canada

The Irishman returned to the glorious green hills of Killarney.


I have no idea what became of the caterwauler.

Bluegrass Banjo Player

The alchemist is employed forging scimitars somewhere in the Arabian Peninsula.

Arabian alchemist

The rabbit path (being a dream) can not be elaborated upon other saying that it reoccurs from time to time.





Oh yes, the frog. Apparently he was not dead but simply entered a state of hibernation.




He awoke, moved to the Bronx and worked in a Castle Hill Avenue bodega as a stock boy.

Frog bodega


On weekends he saved souls in the Tremont Avenue Pentecostal Church.

Frog preacher


 On moonless nights he became “Comandante Sapo Concho” (complete with gold lame` cape) and fought crime throughout Parkchester.

Captain toad

The End


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