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6 UG (Unter Grund)

 Bartle Library

Bartle Library, Binghamton University, New York


When I had stopped contemplating Adam and his rib, and turned a little towards the other pole, where the earth had already vanished, I saw a solitary old man, with a face worthy of such great reverence, that no son owes his father more. He wore his beard long, flecked with white, like his hair, of which a double strand fell to his chest. The rays, of the four sacred stars, filled his face, with such brightness, that I saw him as if the sun were in front of him.


Speaking through that noble plumage, he said; “Who are you, who have fled the finite prison of life, against the constant wars with yourself over instinct? Who has led you, or who was a light to you, issuing out of that profound night, that always blackens the infernal valley? Are the laws of the abyss shattered, or is there some new counsel taken in Heaven that you come to my mountain, being damned?”


Then, he took hold of me, and made me do reverence with my knees and forehead, using his words and hand.


Then I replied; “I did not come of my own will. A Lady came down from Heaven, and, because of her prayers, I became this man. But since it is your wish that more be told about my true state, it cannot be my wish to deny you.


I have never witnessed the last hour, but, because of this folly, was so near it, that there was little time left for me to amend. As I said, I was sent to rescue the children, and I failed, and there was no other than that vertical path of fifteen stories, along which I have come.


You know; death was not bitter, because you destroyed my body, and I know that it will return to its original beauty on the great day.


The eternal law has not been violated by me, O sacred one. Allow me to be born again through seven lifetimes. I will return, to earth then – – – as a human with my gratitude to you, if you deign, you will be mentioned there below.”

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