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Fear of Failure




So we met again, do we Sir Failure?

You show up most inconveniently.

Just when things are going good.

Is that the way you plan it?


You are continually interrupting my work.

And you make me look bad in other’s eyes.

However, even worse yet, in my own eyes.

It doesn’t seem to bother you Sir Failure.

I know I am not the only one you visit.

But I know something about you,

that the others may not know,

that is that you are a



Yes, I said it Sir Failure,

you are a pretender,

at times a cheat

a roll-player,

a phony,

a fraud,

a sham.


You ask “Why a cheat?”

because you do cheat,

you cheat those,

who are not,

wise to you,

the tricks,

you play,

on their,



You are the alter ego of success,

aren’t you Sir Failure?

You show up only to,

make us doubt,

doubt our self,

and then,

give up.


Well, I am wise to you Sir Failure,

You have saved me many times.

Oh!  You don’t wish to hear,

about this side of you,

but you must listen.

If you can make us,

doubt us, then we,

must make you,

doubt you.


It’s only fair Sir Failure.

You are the greatest,

teacher on earth.

You are a mentor,

among men.


For every time you show up,

humans learn something,

they learn to avoid you,

in like circumstances.




We learn not to doubt,

ourselves because,

we have learned,

that you are,

success in



How many times have you taught us,

not to do this or that again?

Yes, Sir Failure, you have.

You ride up on your,

black steed of,



But you ride away on the white stallion,

of experience, pride and success.

Thank you Sir Failure,

for your valuable,

time and,



Thank you for being a blessing in disguise.

However, you wear many costumes,

and a variety of fearful masks.

You do Sir Failure, you do!

And we often do not,

recognize you,

for who you,

really are.


But eventually we accept your presence,

and put it in a place of indifference.

As we age you are indifferent to us.

We know who and what you are.

We have seen you before.

We put you next to,

the potted plants,

and at times,

water you,

to remind,


of what,

you are

— and —

are not.


And we thank you for that.


Failure copyright