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The Dehkhoda had been given leadership; renowned –
the pilgrims (with great reverence) had gathered round,
hundreds convened then; right there,
breathing in the healthy prairie air.
however, upon hearing their first loon,
someone emitted a wail; ‘certain doom’,
dread spread among them as they feared,
the barrenness that had appeared,
not unlike a herd of buffalo; a clustered crowd,
formed a protective circle as they cried aloud,
it would break your heart; this apprehensive song –
their fears countless – away from home too long,
an incalculable distance before their eyes,
nothing familiar that they would recognize,
only emptiness had greeted them where,
they thought in fear of unknown; despair,

“The impending trip is lifeless, empty — why?”
to which Dehkhoda gave this rather odd reply:
“This story about a queen – not a king –
it is a history of this emptiness – I bring.”

——– One moonlit night,
Sacagawea was attracted by a sight,
which appeared so clearly as if it were day,
over rivers and swamps she made her way,
found herself on a cliff where she saw more,
incalculable empty space than she hoped for,
she dared walk no farther – clearly aware,
she would then fall to her death, in despair.
Sacagawea stared out at that great immensity,
knowing that to widely roam was her propensity,
a call for help, ——– “Great Spirit,” she cried,
“Your verdant palace summons me far and wide –
where are the white men who should be taught? –
there is not one to be found; I feel distraught.”
A voice called out “You must admit,
that these white men may not be fit,
to hear the hooting and howls through the night,
they may not last; darkness ‘til dawn’s bright light,
You must show them the way through your home,
along the rivers and mountains; their new throne.”

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