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Thank God for one thing.

Moosic was just a short ways away from Scranton.

Moosic Old Map

I think we could have walked it in half a day. Four miles at most.

We were going to visit a friend of Bogdan Yelcovich.

All we knew about him was his first name; “Walter.”

We arrived at Walter’s house. It was very nice and compact.

However, it had all of the room anyone could ask for.

The front porch had a three person swing suspended from the ceiling by chains. The front door opened into the living room. Immediately to the right was a formal dining room. On the other end of the dining room was the kitchen with a coal stove for heating and cooking. The kitchen also had a nice sized pantry.

The upstairs consisted of three small bedrooms and a very small bathroom; which Bogdan informed us that we were not allowed to use. The outhouse on the rear of the property was sufficient; a two-hole-beauty.

Moosic Outhouse

The home leaned this way and that due to the subsidence created by the coal mine cave-ins not far below the house.

Oh yes, there was one of those new-fangled octopus coal furnaces in the cellar that fed heat to the first floor. The first floor ceilings had large grillwork that allowed the heat to get to the second floor.

Enough for the house.

Walter and his wife were very gracious and welcomed us.
They fed us and gave us beer. We enjoyed it as we sat under the grape arbor with our hosts and their next door neighbors.
Moosic Friends

It was a good thing that we had gotten a ride to Moosic. That was because Walter walked us across the railroad tracks, over a large water pipe that crossed a river and then up a very tight but small canyon.

He was taking us to Rocky Glen. It was a great amusement park that we had heard of but never could have imagined.

Moosic Rocky Glen Entrance

I don’t think we were there more than a few minutes when the local Laurel Line arrived bringing a whole passel of passengers.

Moosic Rocky Glen Laurelline

Jim McFee bought this rendering of the amusement park. Look at the size of that roller-coaster.

Moosic Sterlings Rocky Glen Park

It took the riders over the lake. I wasn’t about to try my luck on that thing. Walter and Bogdan both went on the coaster.

 I bought this picture of people ice skating on the lake in the winter. Looked like fun.

Moosic Rocky Glen Ice Skating

This photo appeared in the Scranton Times. I cut it out to show the folks back in New York City what they were missing. Of course they had Coney Island so I had to be careful on how far I went with my bragging.

Moosic Roller Coaster

You can say whatever you want about Jim McFee but he always says thank you to his hostess. He wanted to send her a postcard. We had to twist Bogdan’s arm in order to find out that Walter’s last name was Fowler.

I have no idea what the big secret was.
Moosic Postcard

So we had a nice day in Moosic and had so much fun that we decided to try some additional amusement parks in the future.



As I Wander Introduction 2

©W. Tomosky